Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pagan Wisdom from the Bible Belt

With voice heavy in the sultry air
Or clear in the cooling crisp
Gods and goddesses speak,
As is their nature,
Through stars, signs, and seasons
Barely heard in the disintegration of a meteorite
Or fall of a leaf,
And so easily eclipsed
By digital billboards.

Our longest day is brief
The shortest briefer.
Live each moment expecting to hear
The voice of an immortal
Lengthening your soul
With at least a brief glimpse of eternity.

By a pagan Christian who cannot deny the existence of other gods and who loves Jesus Christ because he departed unto a mountain to pray (and because he took to his grave the bloody sacrifices).


  1. alright, cant tell if that first one went through...
    i like the premise of living each day in expectation of hearing from your creator///whoever that is...our life is but a taper, we choose what we will do with it.

  2. Yes indeed! Faith is that waiting on God(s) expectantly. And you are right about the billboards and other electronic devices as well. Brief is our time ..

  3. I love 'our longest day is brief..the shortest briefer'...with or without affiliation to belief or religion that surely must be something we all should learn to know..a comment..a carrot and thanks for a thoughtful poem

  4. "Gods and goddesses speak, / As is their nature, / Through stars, signs, and seasons" these lines...

  5. This is beautiful, Libby......."our longest day is brief, the shortest briefer"......I love "the voice of an immortal lengthening your soul" and that brief glimpse of eternity. A spectacular poem! Love it.

  6. Sorry to hear that bollboards [already ugly things] have now gone digital. I'm sure they flickre, trying to emulate the heavenly bodies.

  7. Sorry to hear that billboards [ already ugly enough] have gone one step further and gone digital. Do they flicker? trying to emulate the stars.

  8. Your poem is thought-provoking, Libby. Could you explain a bit about what it means to be a pagan Christian, as the term confuses me. I will check back tomorrow.

  9. Isn't it sad when the beauty of nature is eclipsed in the ugliness of the "day"?
    The trees once stood proudly proclaiming life now billboards proclaim little.

  10. I particularly like the second stanza, Libby. And the idea that we should live each moment as if it was the last and thus make the most of it.

  11. is their nature. I'm convinced they speak through nature. I hear God's voice more in the fields and hills than in all the cathedrals combined.

  12. Dad always said he was closer to God in the woods than in any building on earth. I think I have inherited that belief. Who can stand in nature and not know there is a Creator or maybe more?

    Well done. Thanks for stopping by to visit.


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